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GUI Development : Interface Objects and Skeuomorphism
The GUI (graphical user interface) is an important part of the user's experience with a piece of software. The GUI represents the visual elements of the program and good GUI design is key to ease of use. While ease of use and clear access to features (More)
Introduction and Aims
Introduction For Audio Project 2 I will be undertaking the development of a drum sample library for rock and metal producers. This undertaking will require several stages of research and development. Firstly we shall outline our overarching aims and (More)
Competitor Research: Toontrack Part 2: Superior Drummer 3
Continuing the analysis of Toontracks' drum sample solutions in this post I will cover their flagship software, Superior Drummer 3. While EZ Drummer offers a useful tool for producers seeking high-quality drums with little work out of the box it is s (More)
Competitor Research: Toontrack Part 1: EZ Drummer 2
Toontrack is an industry leader in high-fidelity drum production suites. Through their products Superior Drummer 3 and EZ Drummer 2 they provide self-contained plugin-based or standalone drum sample libraries. EZ Drummer acts as the entry-level softw (More)
Nuke/Houdini Pipeline
Currently I have only been looking at Houdini as a program in of itself and not used it in tandem with other programs better optimised for certain functions. In industry Houdini is primarily used for FX work whereas modelling would be done in Maya an (More)
Road Explosion Tutorial Series
In addition to the shots I created for this project I also stated in my learning agreement that I would produce a series of tutorial videos detailing how I created one of the shots if I had time later in the project. After I had finished creating all (More)
"UpRes-ing" Fractured Pieces
One of the limitations of Voronoi fracturing, as discussed in an earlier post, is that the fractured (More)
Creating Destructive Forces
Now we've added constraint networks, in order to destroy the fractured geometry there has to be some sort of force acting on it to break those bonds. As we have seen this can be done with another piece of geometry - often referred to as a "Hero Objec (More)
Constraint Networks - Controlling Fractured Geometry
Now I have a firm understanding of fracturing in Houdini the next step in improving my fractures is using constraint networks. Invisible geometry that can be used to hold geometry together, bind it to one point and make its inter-piece bonds stronger (More)
Voronoi & Boolean
There are two more methods of destruction available in Houdini that I will be looking at in this project referred to as "fracturing methods" - Voronoi and Booleon. Using another course from Pluralsight Architectural Destruction in Houdini led by Herm (More)
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