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GUI Development : Interface Objects and Skeuomorphism
The GUI (graphical user interface) is an important part of the user's experience with a piece of software. The GUI represents the visual elements of the program and good GUI design is key to ease of use. While ease of use and clear access to features (More)
Competitor Research: Toontrack Part 2: Superior Drummer 3
Continuing the analysis of Toontracks' drum sample solutions in this post I will cover their flagship software, Superior Drummer 3. While EZ Drummer offers a useful tool for producers seeking high-quality drums with little work out of the box it is s (More)
Competitor Research: Toontrack Part 1: EZ Drummer 2
Toontrack is an industry leader in high-fidelity drum production suites. Through their products Superior Drummer 3 and EZ Drummer 2 they provide self-contained plugin-based or standalone drum sample libraries. EZ Drummer acts as the entry-level softw (More)